Phase 4 of the Hampshire County Council Superfast Broadband Program has been installed and OpenReach are commissioning Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) between Pilley Hill and the Community Shop. If you look on telegraph poles between Pilley Hill and the Community Shop you will see there is new equipment installed. We have also been informed that the rest of Pilley (Community Shop towards Bull Hill) and Bull Hill is scheduled to be installed with similar technology late next year (Dec 2019). 

You can check your availability here:

It is very important that when you speak with your provider you ask if they provide a FTTP or Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) service. FTTC may be shown as available in Pilley, but due to the distance of houses in Pilley from the cabinet at Ampress Park the speed is likely to be very poor, and likely to be slower than existing ADSL based connections.

It has not been able to identify any other mainstream vendors other than BT currently accepting orders for a FTTP service - though please check with your provider first ( If your provider does not offer FTTP, you will need to switch provider to get high speed FTTP based broadband. Over time expect more providers to offer an FTTP service as this infrastructure becomes more widely available.

The installation itself will include replacing the current copper line between your property and the nearest telegraph pole with a fibre distribution point with a line which contains both copper and fibre. This will require an engineer to visit your property.