A defibrillator can be found at Boldre War Memorial Hall, located inside the main entrance. The emergency services have the key pad code in their records to allow for access 24x7.

Living in a rural location, the emergency services can take time to reach an incident so Boldre Parish Council have facilitated the provision of a defibrillator. This was funded by County Councillor Ken Thornber via a grant from Hampshire County Council. Whilst a number of locations were considered for this device, it was decided that Boldre War Memorial Hall was the most suitable location as it provides a secure location which is widely used by the community as a whole. With the kind agreement of the Boldre War Memorial Hall charity committee, the defibrillator was installed in the main entrance.

The council also organised a free training session for the local community to attend in order to understand how to operate the new device.

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Design Statement

design statement

The purpose of this Parish Design Statement is to describe the character of Boldre Parish in more detail and to suggest guidelines that will conserve that character through the appropriate design of any new development. 

The guidelines supplement and add local detail to the planning policies already adopted by the New Forest National Park Authority.  It is hoped that the document will be formally approved as a Supplementary Planning Document by the Park Authority and will therefore be used as a material consideration in determining future planning applications within the Parish.

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Parish Plan

The Boldre Parish Plan is a summary of the objectives the Parish Council has set itself, a schedule of the tasks the council is undertaking to meet those objectives and tasks completed by the Parish Council in recent years. This document is reviewed periodically by the Council to ensure that the objectives remain aligned with the needs of the parish.

April  2015 Parish Plan - pdfDownload557 KB

Comments or queries on the Parish Plan should be address to the Parish Clerk.

Previous Parish Plans 

June 2009 - pdfDownload166 KB