Hampshire Highways (HH) are responsible for the maintenance of the Highways infrastructure and Highways drainage. Boldre Parish Council works in partnership with HHs to:

  • Report high priority issues and track their resolution
  • Work with the community to assist with local traffic issues where possible
  • Liaise with HH con community requests
  • Work with homeowners to ensure that highways and ditches are kept free of obstruction.

The Council maintains a log which is regularly updated and can be found below:

pdfCurrent Highways Log

Due to the high number of highways issues and the limited resources available to both Boldre Parish Council and Hampshire Highways, the Council focuses its efforts on five top issues at any one time. These issues can be identified in the log by the priority column. The log is regularly updated with status of issues. When a priority one issue is resolved, it will be marked as closed, and the backlog of issues will be reviewed to identify the next item that will be classed as priority one.

Local Roadworks

Local roadworks and other traffic information can be found here.