Boldre Parish Council Planning Group

This Group meets monthly a week before the full council meeting to discuss applications received from New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA) and New Forest District Council (NFDC), in doing so they refer to the following documents.

  • NFNPA Core Strategy Dec 2010
  • NFNPA Design Guide Dec. 2011
  • NFNPA Design Statement March 2013
  • Boldre Parish Council Code of Conduct
  • NFNPA Conservation Area Character Appraisal and supplementary Guidance Publication for the NPA.

If Councillors have an interest, pecuniary or personal, in any application they declare such and take no part in discussions or decisions.

At each Group meeting applications are looked at in depth and site visits made where it is felt necessary. The decision is one of interpretation of planning rules not of personal preference with reference to the above documents.

Boldre Parish Council

Planning group’s recommendations are brought before the full council for discussion and ratification before being forwarded to NFNPA or NFDC Planning Departments.

Copies of the Planning Group’s recommendation for each application will be made available to all parties at the start of the Council meeting

Interested parties may speak at the beginning of the meeting by prior arrangement with the Chairman. When a recommendation affects parties present, they will be made aware of the 3 minute per application speaking rule in the event that they wish to speak in favour of, or against, it.


Applications made by council members or employees are, as a matter of principal, not considered by Boldre Parish Council but are left to the NFNPA or NFDC Planning Officers.

Planning Applications

Planning applications that are made in Boldre parish can be found at one of the two websites below:

Boldre Parish Council does attempt to list planning applications and tree works in the Parish on the Boldre Parish Council website but the above sites should be considered the authoritative source. 

The agreed Parish Council comment for each application is included in the Parish Council Minutes available here: