Proposed HLS Verge Restoration works - Norley, East End and Pilley Bailey

The Forestry Commission have been undertaking a programme of verge restoration works across the forest. Working with various partner organisations – Verderers, Natural England, New Forest National Park, Parish Councils, CDA, Residents and local staff, a number of areas have been identified as requiring some verge restoration measures to stop further vehicle damage. These works are funded under the New Forest Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS).

The New Forest is of international importance for nature conservation, including its miles of roadside verges and outside of properties. Unauthorised parking causes erosion of precious protected habitats damaging rare and declining plant and animal species. Vehicle damage to grass verges also has a harmful impact on their grazing value and on the overall landscape.

The Forestry Commission has a legal duty to protect the New Forest under its conservation designations. The works are necessary to prevent any further erosion to the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and allow the forest to recover back to its natural condition.

There are a number of areas within Boldre Parish which have been highlighted as requiring some verge restoration and these have been developed into a programme of remedial works including re-profiling existing car free banks and ditches that have eroded over the years, and creating new banks where erosion has been caused by vehicle movements. The list of areas is shown below, with links to maps showing further location details:

  • Norley Wood Road at St Leonards end – Dragons teeth eroded lay by.
  • Furzey Lane – some parking on forest, poss. DT.
  • Forest Heath – verge parking – low barrier to allow access to field gate. Ranswood – Poss. DT in front of properties, move signage nearer the pound.
  • Coombe Gate Farm, St Leonards and Gengis – DT to stop further erosion.
  • Old Chapel – Staddle Stones – DT outside leaving enough room for tanker deliveries – start DT’s near drain.
  • Clovelly – Replace old DT’s and move closer to the road.
  • Old Bake House/2 Forest View – DT extended lay by near bus shelter.
  • Ryegate – Poss. DT to create bell mouth.
  • Windrush – DT’s up to Sheepwash Cottage remove layby opposite.
  • Rockford Stream Cott – DT informal layby – poss. remove tarmac?
  • Norley – Remove old DT’s and replace to .5m from road from telephone box to Norley Wood Cottage, around green opposite to cottage and both sides of the road to road sign. DT off informal laybys and bell mouth inclosure gate entrances.
  • Pilley Bailey/Monks Lane – Move sign to end of the road near the triangle. Install another barrier across road towards Pound, reditch down to the old barrier and link ditching to help with surface water. If this is not viable can DT .5m from road edge. Vegetation on corner could do with cutting back.
  • Pilley Post Office – Grace Cottage install DT’s to protect area in front of properties adjacent to the lay by.
  • May Lane – Remove old DT’s and reposition closer to side of road, redo triangle opposite.

Norley Wood Maphere

Pilley Bailey Map - here

Care will be taken to lift and relay sections of turf where there are sensitive habitats. In other locations Dragon’s Teeth (small wooden posts made from FSC Chestnut) will be installed – these measures have been agreed and endorsed by the Verderers, Natural England and New Forest National Park and CDA. The Forestry Commission have started the liaison process with Boldre residents who adjoin the proposed works. 

Once measures have been installed the Forestry Commission will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this work and gather feedback from all parties.

Comments on the propsals should be addressed to:

HLS Team

The Forestry Commission
The Queen’s House
SO43 7NH

Telephone 0300 067 4601
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Boldre Parish Council - Election Results

Following the closure of the application windows to stand for election to Boldre Parish Council, we have been informed that there were not sufficient applicants to require an election to take place. As such, the following people have been elected without contest effective May 2nd 2019:

Election of Councillors for Boldre Parish Council (Boldre & Pilley Ward):

  • Alison Bolton
  • Jo Humpherys
  • Patrick Kempe
  • Oliver Moore
  • Lester Mortimer
  • Caroline Trotter

Election of Councillors for Boldre Parish Council (South Baddesley Ward):

  • Pamela Keen

The formal NFDC notices can be found below:

NFDC - Election of Councillors for Boldre Parish Council (Boldre & Pilley Ward)

NFDC - Election of Councillors for Boldre Parish Council (South Baddesley Ward)

Parish & District Elections

Boldre Parish Council (BPC) and New Forest District Council (NFDC) elections will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Eight Parish Councillors represent the Boldre & Pilley ward.  Two Parish Councillors represent the South Baddesley ward.

One District Councillor represents the Boldre and Sway ward of the NFDC

All residents are welcome to stand for election.  Details of the nomination process are posted on all the Parish Notice Boards, with the information also available at the Community Shop in Pilley.  Nomination forms can be obtained for both elections from the NFDC.

They must be returned by hand to the NFDC at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst by 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

The Parish Council form and more information may also be obtained from the BPC Clerk by email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Subsidy for Staurday 112 Bus Route

As part of a Hampshire County Council savings program, BPC has been informed that the Saturday 112 bus route will be terminated. The Council has been approached by other neighboring Parishes to see if there is sufficient usage on Saturdays for a collective subsidy for this route by the combined Parish Councils.

We would very much welcome feedback from those of you in the Parish that use the 112 on Saturdays to be able to make an informed decision on this proposal based on usage. The total subsidy required to sustain the Saturday journeys is £6500.

The issue will be debated at the Parish Council meeting on February 11th.

New Forest Folklore

Boldre Parish Council has been contacted by a Histroian called Brice Stratford to see if there is any local folklore we can share. Further details are in the letter below. If you can help, please contact Brice using the details provided at the end of the letter.

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm contacting you today in the hope that you may be able to offer me some help. 

Brice Stratford a historian, folklorist and storyteller currently working on the first collection of folktales specific to the New Forest area, which should be published this Christmas. I've been researching the project for some years now, and believe I have all but exhausted the historical, literary and linguistic sources which exist. I'm very keen now on adding a more human, less academic element, and on exploring what oral traditions might remain or exist, and seeing what golden nuggets and old fragments I may be able to find in people's memories and experiences. If the contributor wishes me to, then I will protect their anonymity.

I'm currently looking for any:

  • Ghost stories and sightings, Fairytales and Fairy stories, accounts of Witchcraft, magic, etc.
  • Customs, Sayings, Phrases or Traditions
  • Local nick-names for Animals, Places, Roads and Pathways, Geographic Features, etc.
  • Stories or experiences of the supernatural or the strange and unexplained
  • Stories, slang, traditions or anecdotes about or from:
    • The area, the people, the culture, or the history of the New Forest
    • Local industry or work, Smuggling, or the Military
    • Any churches, large houses or old buildings
    • Any places, trees, rocks, areas or geographical features

If you or anyone under your aegis might have anything close to any of the above to send me I would greatly appreciate it, no matter how relevant or random, how serious or silly, how ancient or new, how widely known or how personal and obscure. I want to be as inclusive as possible, and am hungry for any scrap of anything I can find, no matter how tawdry or peculiar.
I can be contacted by email or post, and I would ideally need responses by the end of February. I am especially interested in hearing from older generations, and people with long ties to the Forest. Please do disseminate this as widely as you can, and to any and all interested parties.

For those interested in submitting anything, I would also like to know:

  • Name & Address, Date & Place of Birth
  • How long have you lived in / what is your connection to the New Forest?
  • Where were your parents and grandparents from? (Do you know where any earlier generations of your family were from?)
  • How did you hear about my search for folklore? • Where did you first hear of the information you're sending me? (eg: told at school, told by a parent/friend/grandparent, experienced it myself, etc.)
  • How widely known is it? (eg: throughout the village, throughout the Forest, throughout Hampshire, once common but now not so well known, personal to you and your friends, passed down through family, etc.)
  • Where and when did it occur?
  • Do you believe it to be true, or is it more just a bit of fun?

Kind Regards,

Brice Stratford

 4 Empress Road, Lyndhurst, SO43 7AE 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.