BPC Meeting Report - May 2021

Boldre Parish Council May 4th

The Council held its Annual Assembly on May 4th. The Council reviewed it’s key achievements from the last year, including:

  • Establishing a long-term agreement for use of the recreation ground for football with Lymington Sprites,
  • Facilitating the installation of additional road signs to reduce the number of HGVs in the Parish and a mirror to improve safety,
  • Working with the Local Government Boundaries Commission England to ensure Boldre Parish remains as a rural NFDC ward,
  • Working to relocate and replace the Play Area to allow the relocation of the village shop.

As part of this, further details were given about the progress on the play area project to date – you can find these details here:

The formal BPC meeting was abridged due to the need to hold both the May Parish Council meeting and Annual Assembly prior to May 7th when the legislation to permit remote meetings by councils expired. Future meetings will be in person, though the Government is consulting on whether remote meetings can be used in future.

As per Council Standing orders, the yearly process to elect the chair, vice-chair and sub-group chairs took place. The following were elected:

  • Chair - Oliver Moore
  • Vice-Chair – Jacqui England
  • Amenities Chair – Sherwin Small
  • Finance Chair – Oliver Moore
  • Highways Chair – Jacqui England
  • Planning Chair – Alison Bolton
  • Tree Warden (delegated) – Roger Bell

Representations on the following groups was also agreed: NFALC, Consultative Panel, BWMH Committee and National Park South East Quadrant.

Due to the abridged meeting, only planning and finance were discussed. Planning decisions can be found in the meeting minutes published online or attached to the planning decisions on the relevant planning authority website.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is June 14th. This will be an in-person meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend but will be required to follow COVID restrictions when doing so. Due to updated Government guidance, it is not possible for Councillors or the Public to participate remotely.

97 per cent of households respond to Census 2021

The response to Census 2021 has exceeded all expectations, with 97 per cent of households across England and Wales making sure they count when it
comes to local services like school places, GP surgeries and hospital beds.

This is above the pre-census target of 94 per cent, while all local authorities have seen over 90 per cent of households respond, exceeding an 80 per cent target.

For those who haven’t yet completed the simple online form, time is running out. The online questionnaire will close on 17 May.

Now the main field operation has ended, as in 2011, around 350,000 households across England and Wales will be invited to take part in the Census Coverage Survey (CCS). This short, separate, interviewer-led survey will enable the ONS to get a final view of the response rates.

“We’ve had an amazing response to Census 2021. Our information shows 97 per cent of households have responded so far – exceeding our pre-census target of 94 per cent,” the ONS’s Deputy National Statistician Iain Bell said.

“Those who have taken part have done so to ensure they are represented for their local area. I’d like to thank everyone who has filled out their form so far as
well as all the community groups, organisations and local authorities who have helped us make this census a success.

“We’re in a great place as we begin our Census Coverage Survey. This is an important part of making sure the census produces the most accurate
population statistics. It asks similar questions to the main census, just fewer of them, at addresses in a selection of postcodes across England and Wales. Aninterviewer will carry out the survey on your doorstep and it will only take around 15 minutes.

“The CCS is a voluntary survey, but by taking part, you will improve the quality of the information the census gathers. This, in turn, helps to plan and fund local
services in your community.”

Although Census Day - Sunday 21 March 2021 – has been and gone it is not too late to respond online. It only takes around 10 minutes per person.

If you have lost the letter or have a second address you have not visited, go to to request an online completion code for your address via
SMS text message.

After 17 May, only paper questionnaires will be available.

If people refuse to take part, they could be taken to court and issued with a £1,000 fine and criminal record. The census non-compliance operation will
begin on May 25.

Extensive community engagement is continuing to make sure all groups of the population are represented in the census. Students, for example, need to make
sure they have completed a questionnaire for their term-time address to help get the services they need in their university town now and in the future.
Students should complete a form even if they were included on their family form at home.

People with second addresses also need to fill out a short form for their properties whether it is a caravan, holiday home or commuter flat.

From May 4, a sample of households will receive a card through the post asking them to take part in the CCS. After that, an interviewer, following the
government’s COVID-19 guidelines, will visit the address and fill in the questionnaire with you on your doorstep. The interviewer will be able to show
an ID badge on a Census 2021 branded lanyard.

For more information on the CCS visit Census Coverage Survey - Census 2021.

Local census support centres have now closed, but help and paper questionnaires are still available through the census contact centre on freephone 0800 141 2021 in England and 0800 169 2021 in Wales.

BPC Meeting Report - April 2021

The Council will be holding its annual assembly for 2021 on the 4th of May at 18:30 followed by an abridged council meeting. The annual assembly is an opportunity for the Parish Council to report on its achievements over the last 12 months and for an open forum for members of the public to ask questions or report concerns. The annual assembly in 2020 was not held due to COVID-19. This year, it will be held remotely over Zoom. Please look out for details on the Parish Notice Boards, Facebook and the Boldre Parish Council website.

BPC has sent requests for final designs for the new play area from the four vendors selected in from our initial review. Two vendors have responded with updated proposals and the council will be reviewing these in order to make a final decision. It is hoped that this process will be completed in time for approval at the July Parish Council meeting.

BPC agreed to repair defects in the entrance to the recreation ground from Burnt House Lane. This entrance is seen increased usage with weekly football games and the surface is becoming worn.

BPC would like to thank Hampshire County Councillor Michael White for his work supporting the Parish within Hampshire County Council. BPC understands that Councillor White does not intend to stand in the upcoming election.

The Council currently has a vacancy for a Councillor. Notices will be posted on the BPC notice boards and online. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the parish and work on behalf of the community.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is May 4th. This will be an online meeting and details will be made available for the public to join.

BPC Meeting Report - March 2021

The Parish Council welcomed several members of the public to our meeting in March, primarily relating to planning applications. It was great to have this level of interest and engagement. There were a large number of planning applications to be debated which resulted in a reduced agenda for the overall meeting. The recommendations made by BPC can be viewed on the relevant planning authorities websites.

BPC welcomed an offer from Hampshire Highways to replace the bollards installed at both ends of Shallows Lane. As a result of incorrect installation by HH  and damage caused by attempted vehicular access they need to be replaced. BPC was pleased HH has offered to correct this work. BPC will be requesting that more substantial bollards are installed as part of this work at a minor cost to BPC.

BPC adopted updated Financial policy and Financial Risk Assessment documents. It also agreed the appointment of the internal auditor for the year 2020/2021.

Due to the amount of work being done on the play area, it was decided to postpone the Annual Assembly until May. This is intended to allow BPC to present a more finalized state of the playground rejuvenation. The final date will be communicated next month.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is April 12th. This will be an online meeting and details will be made available for the public to join.

In addition to our regular Parish Council meetings, work has continued on the recreation ground rejuvenation. You may remember that Boldre Parish Council [BPC] ran a community survey last Nov / Dec to gather thoughts and ideas on rejuvenating the play park and wider recreation ground at Pilley. As promised, BPC would like to share progress in this area so far:

Survey Response

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to all of you who took part! We were delighted to have received almost 150 survey responses – mostly from parish residents, but 1 in 4 responses were from outside the parish. All from families or individuals who use the park or are interested in helping shape its future. The survey allowed BPC to collect a good deal of information together with some great suggestions. This community feedback has not only already helped BPC shape the replacement play park project, but it will also provide a platform for future recreation ground projects (more on those below).


The partnership with Lymington Town Sprites Youth Football continues and is viewed as long term so the football pitches will remain at Pilley. This partnership means that we have a strong, local (at least 4 parish boys play for Sprites) grass roots sports organisation to work with and the revenue from Sprites helps maintain the grounds, most of the cost of which would be incurred even without the upkeep of football pitches.

Play Park

BPC approached 7 playground equipment suppliers last year to start conversations, and to get indicative quotes and designs. With the help of your survey feedback, BPC has reduced that number to 4 and are now carrying out financial due diligence and refining products and designs to better align with survey feedback. And of course, this all needs to be balanced with a reasonable and responsible budget. As you might imagine, the play park project is quite complex as several parties are involved and the Covid lockdowns make everything just a little more difficult. BPC hope to shortlist down to two suppliers within the next couple of weeks and from there it will be about honing-in on which supplier has the best design, feel, and fit for our parish.

The timing of the removal of old, and installation of new play equipment is under discussion and it is highly likely that there will be a period without play equipment (except the swings near the kick wall). This unavoidable inconvenience is due to safety concerns over the proximity of the building site at Boldre War Memorial Hall to the new play park area. Obviously, we will try to get contractors’ project plans synchronised as close as possible to ensure that the new play equipment is installed as soon as practically and safely possible.

Future Projects

Other equipment and facilities suggested in the survey are under active consideration for delivery by future BPC projects, but the ideas need further planning, discussion and sign-off by BPC – more details will follow later in the year, but BPC hopes to have a number of recreation ground improvement projects running over the next few years… Of course, this is all about making Pilley recreation ground an even better space for our Parish community and, as things progress further, there may be opportunities to get involved (Covid restrictions permitting!). So please keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks and months!