Since our last update, BPC has been out on tour of our local fetes and letting everyone know about our plans!

Pylewell Fete - June 20th

After setting up in a misty rain, the sun shone at Pylewell! A steady stream of Parishioners visited us, and our colouring table proved extremely popular with the children.

SB Fete4

There was lots of interest in the plans, with Councillors Bolton, Kempe, Moore and Small on hand to explain the plans for the play area, as well as taking feedback on the Boldre War Memorial Hall plans for the shop relocation and other Community issues.

SB Fete3

William Gilpin - July 3rd

A traditional British summer day of humid rain welcomed us to William Gilpin! Fortunately, fete goers are a hardy bunch, and it takes more than a bit of rain to put them off. There were lots of attendees, and plenty of fun was had. It was great to have representatives from Pilley Community Stores (Bernard Atkinson) and Boldre War Memorial Hall (Tim Farquhar) join us on the day, so all three organisations could present their joint plans and vision for the hall extension, shop move and play area re-development.

WG Fete

Our thanks go to the Boldre Parish Historical Society for the kind loan of their display boards to show all our information on, as well as Emma Small for providing all of the colouring activities for the children!

SB Fete5

All of the details about the intended layout and the vendors under consideration can found on our earlier blog post. Our next step is to take the feedback we have received at the fetes, via Facebook and through the community and make a final decision on our vendor. We'll be updating with that information in July/August so look out for future posts!