Tree Works Applications

For a complete list of the Tree Work Applications visit the New Forest National Park Planning website.

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NumberLocationDescription of WorksEarliest Descision DateParish Council Meeting


Llanberis Norleywood Road Norleywood SO41 5RU Fell 1 x Conifer tree 18-07-2016  


Rose Cottage Norleywood Lymington SO41 5RU Fell 2 x Macrocarpa Fell 1 x Cyress Fell 1 x Sycamore Fell 1 x Pittosporum Coppice 1 x Laurel 04-07-2016  


Brambles Hundred Lane Portmore SO41 5RG Prune 2 x Oak trees Fell 1 x Eucalyptus tree Prune 1 x Willow tree 27-06-2016  


WILLOWS, PILLEY HILL, PILLEY, LYMINGTON, SO41 5QF Prune 1 x Sycamore tree Prune 1 x Eucalyptus tree Prune 2 x Oak trees Prune 1 x Cherry tree Prune 1 x Liquidambar tree 22-06-2016  


PORTMORE FARM, JORDANS LANE, PORTMORE, LYMINGTON Prune 4 x Macrocarpa trees 09-06-2016  


SHIRLEY HOLMS FARM, SHIRLEY HOLMS, SWAY, LYMINGTON Prune 1 x Silver Birch tree Prune 1 x 4-stemmed Beech tree Prune 1 x Fir tree (growing at Oaklea Cottage) 08-06-2016  


The Lodge, Hundred Lane, Portmore Prune 1 x Silver Birch tree 06-06-2016  


Oak Cottage, Lymington Road, East End Fell 1 x Macrocarpa tree Prune 2 x Macrocarpa trees Prune 1 x Group of Cypress trees 23-05-2016  


Bramble Cottage, Church Lane, Pilley Fell 1 x Apple tree Fell 1 x Ornamental Cherry tree Fell 1 x Fir tree 17-05-2016  


THE WHITE HOUSE, MAIN ROAD, WALHAMPTON, LYMINGTON, SO41 5RE Prune 2 x Group of Beech trees Prune 1 x Liquidambar tree Prune 1 x Yew tree 12-05-2016