Local Planning Applications

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NumberLocationDescription of WorksNF NPA Earliest Descision DateParish Council Meeting


BIRCH SPRINGS, SOUTH BADDESLEY ROAD, WALHAMPTON, LYMINGTON, SO41 5SG Application to remove condition 3 of planning permission ref RFR 14417 (to allow non-agricultural occupancy) 23-03-2016 14-03-2016


YEW TREE BUNGALOW, PILLEY STREET, PILLEY, LYMINGTON, SO41 5QG Alteration and partial retention of outbuilding for purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling 09-03-2016 14-03-2016


GALLEY HILL, SOUTHAMPTON ROAD, BOLDRE, LYMINGTON, SO41 8ND First floor extension and roof alterations to facilitate additional first floor accommodation; roof alterations to existing single storey element; creation of balcony; new garage with home office over; new gravel driveway; access alterations; demolition of an existing double garage and shed 23-02-2016 08-02-2016


NEWTOWN PARK ESTATE, PORTMORE, LYMINGTON, SO41 5RN Repairs to wall (Application for Listed Building Consent) 14-03-2016 14-03-2016


TEELINGS, NEWTOWN LANE, SOUTH BADDESLEY, LYMINGTON, SO41 5RP Single storey side extension; first floor extension 15-02-2016 14-03-2016


ORCHARD HOUSE, BOLDRE LANE, BOLDRE, LYMINGTON, SO41 8PA Extension to existing garage 27-01-2016 08-02-2016


SHALLOWMEAD NURSERIES, BOLDRE LANE, BOLDRE, LYMINGTON, SO41 8PA Retention of staff welfare and office buildings; retention of propagation building 02-02-2016 08-02-2016


WALHAMPTON SCHOOL, MAIN ROAD, WALHAMPTON, LYMINGTON, SO41 5ZG Creation of parking area 19-01-2016 11-01-2016


THE STABLES, BOLDRE GRANGE, SOUTHAMPTON ROAD, BOLDRE, LYMINGTON, SO41 8PT Single storey rear extension; demolition of existing conservatory 19-01-2016 11-01-2016


KEEPERS COTTAGE, BROOK HILL, NORLEY WOOD, LYMINGTON, SO41 5RQ Single storey extension; replacement bay windows; alterations to fenestration 12-01-2016 11-01-2016