Highways and Drainage Log - Closed Items

The following table shows highways and drainage problems reported in the Parish that are considered CLOSED.

If you wish to report a problem, please contact the Boldre Parish Council (BPC) Parish Clerk using the Contact Us page. You can also log issues with Hampshire Highways using their website.

Problems that have been reported and are still in progress can be found by clicking here.​

19 Dec 2015 Undershore Road – Vicars Hill - Overhanging branch: A note received from a local resident - A large tree branch is overhanging the whole carriageway. The tree is on the East side as you go up Vicars Hill right by a gate, forming part of the hedge.
15 Jan 2016 BPC Councillor has spoken with Hampshire Highways and raised case 21197243 with them.  He has also emailed them photos of the tree and roadway.
23 Feb 2016 BPC Councillor received call from Hampshire Highways.  They don't consider the tree a safety risk as yet but did say they would contact the land owner to reminder them of their obligations to maintain their boundaries/trees.