Highways and Drainage Log - Closed Items

The following table shows highways and drainage problems reported in the Parish that are considered CLOSED.

If you wish to report a problem, please contact the Boldre Parish Council (BPC) Parish Clerk using the Contact Us page. You can also log issues with Hampshire Highways using their website.

Problems that have been reported and are still in progress can be found by clicking here.​

07 Dec 2015 Lower Sandy Down lane near junction with A337. Flooded road often impassable for pedestrians.  The problem caused by run-off from the A337.  Water gathers in a dip in the lane.
09 Dec 2015 Draft letter prepared  For BPC Council meeting 14 Dec 2015
15 Dec 2015 Letter to Assistant Engineer, Highways, Hampshire County Council: Letter asks for comments on how these problems can be overcome and if they fall within the responsibility of Hampshire County Council (HCC) when action will be taken to rectify them.
22 Dec 2015 At a site meeting on 22/12/15, Hampshire Highways stated that no money was available to investigate this problem until at least April 2016.
21 Jan 2016 Further letter sent to the Assistant Engineer, Highways asking, as a matter of urgency, that budgets be revisited to hopefully find a way to finance the rectification of the problems, listed in our letter of 15 Dec 2015.
10 Oct 2016

A local resident has reported that a nearby landowner has found and cleared an adjacent drain which has solved this flooding problem.  A great deal of the landowners time and money was involved.