Highways and Drainage Log - Closed Items

The following table shows highways and drainage problems reported in the Parish that are considered CLOSED.

If you wish to report a problem, please contact the Boldre Parish Council (BPC) Parish Clerk using the Contact Us page. You can also log issues with Hampshire Highways using their website.

Problems that have been reported and are still in progress can be found by clicking here.​

17 Nov 2015 Ditch outside Slade Cottages, Pilley Street: Blockages causing flooding across the road outside Radio House yard entrance.
21 Nov 2015 Letter sent to occupiers advising them to contact Hampshire Highways. BPC groundsman to insepct ditch
25 Nov 2015 Further email from Occupiers. Site visit by Parish Clerk and Groundsman, calling on occupier. Flooding comes from ditch in front of NFDC housing.  Appears that NFDC should keep the ditch clear.  Awaiting information of who to contact in NFDC from Parish Chairman.
27 Nov 2015 NFDC email update. Not a straightforward issue. Further investigation needed.
30 Nov 2015 Email received confirming Hampshire Highways will attend the site meeting (Enquiry 21190601)
02 Dec 2015 NFDC have raised an order with their Grounds Maintenance team to strim the sides and clear the silt / debris from the bottom of the ditch to the original profile.
07 Dec 2015 NFDC confirms via email clearance work is complete (but mentions that opposite Radio House is a lay-by not NFDC owned, in which there is a sump for the surface water drainage system, this requires cleaning out but NFDC cannot confirm ownership).  NFDC Engineering Works are confident that the drainage channels/ditches in the area that come under NFDC responsibility are working fine.
07 Dec 2015 Clerk responded thanking NFDC for the swift remedial work and asking that they monitor the Slade Cottage ditch on an annual basis, perhaps in November each year. Problem RESOLVED