Highways and Drainage Log

The following list shows OPEN highways and drainage problems reported in the Parish.

If you wish to report a problem, please contact the Boldre Parish Council (BPC) Parish Clerk using the Contact Us page. You can also log issues with Hampshire Highways using thier  website.

Problems that have been reported but are now considered CLOSED can be found by clicking here.​

02 Nov 2015 Bottom of Pilley Hill  - gateway near Boldre Bridge adjacent to Rodlease Lane junction on South side.
10 Nov 2015 Parish Council wrote to landowners Longdown Management Ltd.  Requested measures to prevent pooling of water at gateway at bottom of Pilley Hill on the South side of junction of Pilley Hill at Rodlease Lane
01 Dec 2015 Email & Letter from Longdown suggesting a meeting with Longdown Management Ltd representative
03 Dec 2015 Site meeting agreed for Tuesday 22nd December 3pm
07 Dec 2015 Email received confirming Hampshire Highways will attend the site meeting (Enquiry 21190601)
22 Dec 2015 Site meeting held.  Possible ditch work and cutting back vegetation discussed.  Funding issues to be investigated.
21 Jan 2016 Email sent to Longdown Management explaining that BPC have no budget to part fund any work, but may be able to call upon two pairs of hands to cut back vegetation and potentially ditch dig, to work with your staff.
18 Feb 2016 Email received from Longdown Management suggesting highway water causes the pooling at the gateway and that any ditch work to alleviate this would not be done at Longdown's expense.