Highways and Drainage Log

The following list shows OPEN highways and drainage problems reported in the Parish.

If you wish to report a problem, please contact the Boldre Parish Council (BPC) Parish Clerk using the Contact Us page. You can also log issues with Hampshire Highways using thier  website.

Problems that have been reported but are now considered CLOSED can be found by clicking here.​

01 Dec 2015 School Lane East side between Pilley Hill and Warborne Lane. Blocked ditch and overgrown hedge
09 Dec 2015 Draft letter prepared for BPC Council meeting 14 Dec 2015
14 Dec 2015

Letter to Warborne Farm, Warborne Lane, Boldre, Lymington, SO41 5QD

Letter states that BPC understands that ownership of fields adjacent to that part of School Lane is not certain.  However, help in rectifying the problem would be appreciated, either by cutting the hedge and clearing the ditch, or by asking the new owners to contact us.

31 Jan 2016 Further letter sent to Warborne Farm requesting a reply to the above letter dated 14 Dec 2015, along with a copy of the Flood Risk leaflet published by Hampshire County Council.
8 Feb 2016

Reply received from Warboune Farm.  The most northerly section of the field is owned by a lady who lives at Shallowmead, at the bottom of Pilley Hill. The other parcels were bought from us as detailed in accompanying email. Lot 3 has been divided and one part sold on but Warbourne Farm have nothing more recent on ownership or contact details.