Clean For the Queen

Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her 90th birthday in April 2016 and we want the whole community to get involved and help us celebrate.
New Forest District Council is supporting the national Clean for the Queen campaign by asking schools, parish councils and community groups to spend a few hours giving our beautiful country a spring clean.
Events will be taking place throughout the spring with the biggest litter blitz from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 March. 

Let us help

To make it as easy as possible to get out there and tidy up, New Forest District Council can help with the following:

  • Posters to let people know about the event
  • Loan of litter grabbers
  • Litter sacks
  • Clear sacks if you would like to recycle some of that litter
  • Collection of the sacks of litter
  • Certificates and stickers for younger volunteers

An application form is available here. If you would like a bit more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Make a day of it

Why not make a day of it and invite volunteers back for a cuppa at your local hall? It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and you could even ask a local business to sponsor some refreshments.

Don't forget

The safety of volunteers always comes first. Check out Keep Britain Tidy’s advice about organising a litter pick and make sure you’ve completed a site assessment before the day.

Join us this spring and help us Clean for the Queen!

Cllr Sophie Beeton

Portfolio Holder for the Environment
New Forest District Council

Hampshire Library Service - Draft Strategy

Have your say on the Draft Strategy for the future of Hampshire Library Service

Hampshire County Council has published a Draft Strategy for the Library Service to 2020 which reflects the changing needs of the community.  Many people access library services very differently now compared with how they used them years ago and the County Council is seeking a clear focus for the future of the Service.  The County Council also expects that it will need to save money in the future but that is not the only reason for change. 

The ambition is to demonstrate innovation, modern thinking and business leadership to provide comprehensive, high quality but affordable library services that are suitable for the 21st century.  The Draft Strategy supports the need to make changes to the Library Service and it is proposed that the following steps are implemented over the course of the next four years:

  • Place our libraries into four different tiers to provide a standardised approach to services
  • Invest £500,000 every year for four years from the £2 million Book Fund to make our libraries modern and vibrant, making best use of new technology and digital systems.
  • Permanently reduce the Book Fund by £500,000 from 2020 onwards
  • Replace the expensive mobile library service with modern alternatives
  • Review the future viability of static libraries, using an agreed set of criteria
  • Increase the use of trained volunteers to support the work of paid Library Staff
  • Rebrand our busiest libraries as Discovery Centres
  • Develop our library staff
  • Share library buildings with partner organisations for several services to be accessed in one visit
  • Phase a withdrawal of poorly used library collections (e.g. CDs, games, and DVDs) and transfer other specialist collections to other providers

To read the Draft Strategy in full and give your views by completing the questionnaire, go to the Library Service web page or visit any Hampshire library service point to read a copy of the Draft Strategy and collect a paper questionnaire.  Consultation runs to the 16th January 2016. 

Electoral review of Hampshire: Draft recommendations

As part of the Electoral review of Hampshire, the draft recommendation has suggested that Boldre Parish be combined with Lymington to be represented by one County Councilor at the Hampshire County Council. 

Boldre Parish Council has strongly objected to this proposal as Boldre is a rural parish with the majority of residents looking towards the Forest. This contrasts with Lymington which is urban and where many residents look to the sea and yachting as their main interest. The much smaller size and rural identity of Boldre with needs so different from those of Lymington town will mean any County Councillor will inevitably favour serving Lymington where the majority of residents/voters reside, rather than the wide and sparse spread of residents inhabiting the rural Parish of Boldre.

If you would like further information on this proposal, visit the Boundary Commission Website and use the "have your say" button to provide feedback. All feedback must be provided by the 11th of January.


Advice for Property Owners Adjoining the Open Foest

The Forestry Commission has recently published a leaflet providing advice and guidance for owners for properties adjoining the Open Forest. It includes guides on boundaries, parking, hedges and lighting along with contact points for further information. The leaflet can be found here.

High Speed Internet Access in Boldre Parish

High speed Internet access is regularly raised as an issue in Boldre Parish as it is becoming an essential part of everyday life. In the last few months we have started to see improvements coming to the Parish  and I wanted to give you an update on where the situation stands today. High speed broadband is being implemented by the positioning of new green cabinets and you may have seen these starting to spring up in the Parish. If the cable that runs between  your house and the cabinet is less than 1 mile you should be able to upgrade to get a significant speed increase. Houses further away may see some benefit. To get access to the faster speeds, it is likely you will need to change your current broadband product. Hampshire County Council (HCC) have a series of schemes which is driving this process and full details can be found at their website. Note that the map at this website is postcode based and may not completely reflect the real coverage provided.

Hampshire County Council are also offering the opportunity to apply for vouchers towards a satellite broadband installation for those that will not be covered. More details can be found here.

The following is a summary of the main areas in the Parish which should benefit from high speed internet access. Please note that the below is based on information received from 3rd parties and may be subject to change.

Battramsley - Some properties benefit from a cabinet at the Ampress industrial site. Houses from the Rope Hill junction heading towards Brockenhurst are unlikely to be able to access this service and there are no current HCC plans to improve this.
Boldre Lane - Some properties have access from a cabinet at the Ampress industrial site.
Royden Lane - Houses from the Red Lion towards Royden Lane are serviced via Ampress and are unlikely to be able to access this service. There are no current HCC plans to improve this.
East End/Norleywood - A site for a new cabinet has been agreed. The existing cabinet is on Norley Road between Norley Wood and East End. This upgrade is estimated to be completed in the next 6 months.
Pilley - The cabinet at the bottom of Pilley Hill will be upgraded by mid 2018. We are requesting regular updates from HCC as to when this will be completed. This will cover most of Pilley up to Pilley Bailey. Houses beyond that point heading to Norley Wood Crossroads are unlikely to be able to access this service and there are no current HCC plans to improve this. There is a community group looking at options for funding coverage in this area.
Portmore - There is a new cabinet in place on Warbourne Lane/B3054 junction and the high speed internet should be available to most properties.
Sandy Down - There is a new cabinet in place on Sandy Down/Hurstly Lane junction and the high speed internet should be available to most properties.
South Baddessley - Houses may receive some high speed access from the cabinet in Portmore. Check with your should be available to most properties.
Walhampton/Undershore Road - There is a new cabinet in place on B3054/Undershore Road junction and the high speed internet  should be available to most properties.

If you have any further questions on broadband in the Parish, please contact us via the Parish Website ( or speak with any of the Parish Councillors.