Pilley Broadband - Last Chance to pledge

The Pilley broadband scheme is a community project being run to bring high speed broadband to the whole of Pilley and Battramsley. There has only been a very short window of time for us to collect the necessary funds and it will close on the 14th of September. After this date, we will be reliant on the Hampshire County Council superfast broadband scheme which will only cover part of Pilley by mid-2018.

The Pilley broadband scheme will bring better coverage and higher capacity in a shorter time frame than the Hampshire scheme. The Pilley broadband scheme would like to request your support in making this happen for the benefit of the whole community.

Full details of the scheme and how to pledge can be found at

NFDC - Electoral Registration

Important message from New Forest District Council regarding Electoral Registration

NFDC ElctoralRegistration

Boldre Parish Council - Vacancy

There is currently a vacancy on Boldre Parish Council. This is a great opportunity for residents to get involved in helping the local community. 

The Parish Council meets in the Boldre War Memorial Hall 11 times each year on the second Monday of each month except August. In addition, working groups of Councillors may meet more frequently to deal with detail involving finance matters, planning applications and local amenities. It should be noted that Councillors are not remunerated.

Those interested should send their applications by email or post to the Parish Clerk giving their full name, contact details, a summary of any relevant experience and their reasons for wishing to join.

It is expected that all applicants will have the opportunity to address a meeting of the full Council and answer any questions.

Applications please by Monday, 7th September to:

Clerk to the Parish,
PO Box 378,
Hampshire, SO41 1AT

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Forest NPA - Family Trees

Help plant a woodland to celebrate a loved one

Families are invited to celebrate a birth, marriage or life of a relative this year with the planting of a community woodland in the New Forest.

Anybody looking to celebrate a family member or life event can take part in the Family Trees scheme, run by the New Forest National Park Authority.

Registration is free and open to all, with the tree planting event taking place in Sway in the New Forest on 28 November. Anyone who registers will receive a free personalised certificate as a memento, even if they cannot attend the tree planting day.

To reserve your place for free visit

Trees and woodlands are a key feature of the natural beauty of the New Forest and they also make an important contribution to the appearance of towns and villages within the area. As the Family Trees woodland grows and matures it will provide a legacy for future generations and provide a lasting memory of a loved-one.

Boldre Produce Show - 2015

This year proved something of a challenge for exhibitors with variable weather making growing conditions difficult, some fruit and vegetables being way ahead of the usual and some days or even weeks behind. It all meant our entries were just under half the normal numbers necessitating a reduction in table space to make it all look good. Come the day though quantity proved to have been sacrificed for quality and there were some superb exhibits, showing once again the Parish can hold its own.

Sadly there were not many entries in the children’s classes but there again the few who made the effort did some superb work and really impressed the Judges. The local schools made a lovely lot of gardens, William Gilpin's reflected their pupils interest in the plans for their school field with miniature wild life ponds, all wonderful and imaginative. South Baddesley, Key Stage One took the School’s trophy this year with Olivia Lightbody winning the Blakeway trophy for people 7 or under and Arran Small the Young Exhibitors award for older children, worthy winners both but caused the Judges some heartache in deciding winners from such very good entries.

In the open classes standards were again high with large entries of Broad Beans and potatoes in particular. The cake, an old Edwardian recipe, was something of a novelty and raised a few problems but it results in a good cake which keeps well, I guess our predecessors needed that without all our modern amenities. The flower section made it’s usual splash of colour and scents the whole Hall as you enter, some beauties there too, and the geraniums provided by the Committee were a riot of colour, the nurseryman told me they made a good plant and he was right! Trophies this year went to Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Bolton, Mr. Gaylard, Mrs. Gibbons, Mrs. Grainger and Mr. Tanner with Mrs. K. Bailey and Mr. P. Grainger sharing the cup for the first time show entrants.

Here's a few photos from the event, showing the great exhibits. Hopefully this will inspire you to enter in 2016!

BPS 1-1BPS 2-1

BPS 3-1BPS 4-1BPS 5-1BPS 6-1

Another successful day but one which could not be achieved without the hard work of the people who volunteer to make it work, the Judges, Stewards, tea ladies, stallholders, the Shop who distribute schedules, all those who generously stay to help clear up and, not least, you who enter. We need you all to maintain our village tradition and character. The Committee are very grateful, next month we’ll start on next year's Show!