Temporary Road Closures - 7th March - 12th March 2017

Temporary Road Closures - 7th March - 12th March 2017

i) That length of C75 Rope Hill Boldre between its junction with A337 Southampton Road and a point 50m east of that junction. Alternative route via Royden Lane and Lower Sandy Down.
ii) That length of Shirley Holms Road Boldre between its junction with A337 Southampton Road and a point 30m west of that junction. Alternative route (for vehicles to maximum height 12’0”) via C75 Pitmore Lane, B3055 Marlpit Oak

Road Closure

Note that based on feedback to the Highways Agency, the diversion will use Sandy Down Lane as a more suitable alternative than Lower Sandy Down.

Boldre Bridge - Tree Felling

The Council would like to offer their thanks to Martin Boxall and his team from Roydon Woods for the excellent job they have made of clearing the fallen poplar trees near Boldre Bridge. We would also like to thank the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and John Durnell in particular for facilitating this work.

The photos below show the improvement:


Boldre Bridge Before


Boldre Bridge After

As I hope you agree, this has made a big difference to own of our local landmarks!

Glass Recycling Text Message Reminders

Residents of the New Forest can now sign up to a new text messaging service being introduced by the district council which will send a reminder the evening before monthly glass recycling collections are due. 

Nicola Plummer, who is coordinating the project at New Forest District Council, said: "The free Remind Me service is being introduced as we know that people want to recycle their glass, but life gets busy and a timely reminder the night before could make all the difference between remembering to put your glass bottles and jars out for collection and forgetting." 

As well as the text message prompt, Remind Me will reward residents for recycling their glass by entering them into a reward draw. 20 households will be randomly selected each month and, if they are recycling the right things, they can choose from a range of rewards, such as one month’s free membership at one of five New Forest Health and Leisure Centres, a family ticket to Beaulieu or a hamper full of local goodies from The New Forest Hamper Company.

The first 15,000 households to sign up will also receive a free Brand New Forest discount card, usually £5.

The new scheme is being funded by a grant from central government that aims to encourage recycling.

To register for the reminders, residents should text GLASS followed by first name, last name, first line of address and postcode to 81025 (e.g. GLASS Joan Smith 1 Long Lane SO12 A34)

Find out more about Remind Me at

Freshwater Habitats Trust - Cleaning Up Our Waters

The New Forest has one of the most exceptional freshwater landscapes in the UK. It is home to many of our rarest freshwater plants and animals that depend on its clean waters. However, even the New Forest is still vulnerable to issues such as phosphate pollution.

Phosphate is a plant nutrient that alters plant communities, affecting the creatures that should live there, and in severe cases causing algal blooms which use up oxygen and ‘suffocate’ aquatic insects and fish. It runs into ponds, rivers and streams through a range of sources including your home. Phosphates enter your household waste water from the products we use to clean our homes and the food we eat. Poorly preforming septic tanks and small sewerage works can also leech phosphate rich raw sewerage into the environment.

A clean home shouldn’t mean a dirty river and there are lots of little steps we can all take to reduce phosphate pollution. To help raise of awareness the New Forest Catchment Partnership has produced two leaflets summarising the issue of caused by phosphate pollution, and how best to maintain septic tanks and small sewage treatment works to prevent pollution.

pdfPhosphorus Leaflet326 KB

pdfSeptic Tank Leaflet308 KB

For more information and to view the leaflets please visit the New Forest Nation Park Authority website or email Hannah Worker (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).