Pilley/Boldre Village Speedwatch - 2015 Update

We want to keep you up to date with what the Village Speedwatch group has been doing this past year. Our village is part of the New-Forest-wide Community Speedwatch project under the auspices of Hampshire Police. Members of our group help to operate the Speed Indicator Device (SID) which we share with Sway, Lymington and New Milton. The fact that there are Community Speedwatch projects in place across the whole of England highlights the growing concern with traffic speeds. You don't need us to tell you that traffic through Pilley and Boldre is increasing and likely to get worse with further development of the Ampress site.

At the village meeting in 2013, a Hampshire Road Safety Engineer proposed white lining to visually narrow the road through the village. Some centre marking has since been done, but we think it has no effect whatsoever on the speeding problem. Edge lining, which might have helped, has not been carried out. 

A more detailed breakdown of the speeds observed are shown in the graph below.Speedwatch

These statistics, collected every month, show that, when the SID is operating, most people drive considerately and within the speed limit. We thank them. But there is a steady figure of around 20 percent who drive too fast, endangering everything else on the road and making local people think twice about walking through the village.

The Community Speedwatch teams always welcome new volunteers. If you can spare an hour or so once a month, please leave your name and phone number in the village shop.

HCC - Community Transport Bulletin - September 2015

Older Drivers Forum Awareness week: 29th September at Milford on Sea 

Following the great success of last year’s Older Driver’s Forum Awareness Week, the forum are holding another awareness week between 28th September – 3rd October this year to help promote and raise awareness of the Older Drivers Forum and how it can help and support older motorists to carry on driving safely for longer. The forum will be visiting 6 different venues across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight with their partners where they give advice not only to older drivers but also to Family and Friends and other interested parties. It is free to attend, no appointment required and people can just pop in anytime between 9.30am and 3pm.

Full details here.

Minibus briefing sessions - Tuesday 6th October 2015

This October Hampshire County Council will once again be offering three briefing sessions specifically aimed at organisations running their own minibuses. These will be short sessions on:

  • Section 19 Permits
  • Driver Licensing
  • Minibus Maintenance

In addition, this time, there is also an information session on training to become a MiDAS DAT (Driver Assessor/Trainer). The sessions will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday 6 October in Winchester from 12:45 onwards. If you are interested please contact the Community Transport team on 01962 846785 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New CVS merger - Communities First Wessex

Community First HEH (CFHEH) and Winchester Area Community Action (WACA) have joined forces to create a new organisation offering support and services (including community transport services) to organisations and residents across East Hampshire, Havant and Winchester.

The new organisation is called Communities First Wessex but will continue to be known and trade as ‘Community First’ in each of the selected areas e.g. Community First: Winchester. Community First will continue to provide services through its network of local offices and staff in Winchester, Havant, Emsworth, Petersfield and Bordon.

Parish Community Lunch

The WI are planning to host a community lunch for the Parish to mark the Centenary of the movement. We have had a chance to sort out the details and can confirm the lunch will be on Sunday 20th September in the Memorial Hall, 12.30 for 1 o’clock lunch. We plan to serve roast beef with roast and boiled new potatoes, vegetables and yorkies followed by a pudding and tea or coffee all for £6 per head, surely can’t be bad, well providing we don’t make some awful blunder!

Tickets will be available from Angela Grainger at The Old Dairy opposite the Hall or Lynne Ball at 5, Pilley Hill and we do need them to be bought in advance so we can organise the catering.

Last time we had a bit of a squash so we shall have to restrict the tickets this time so it will be first come first served I’m afraid but we’ll do our best, and we are restricted to WI members and Boldre parishioners unless we find we have space for more. Oh, and let us know if you would like to come but are vegetarian. The WI has moved on with the years so we shall not ask you all to stand up and sing Jerusalem, well not unless you really want to, nor will there be pots of jam dotted about, all we ask is that you come and join in a community get together and enjoy someone else cooking a traditional Sunday lunch, what could be better than that?


12-30 for 1pm.

Tickets £6 per head

Pilley Broadband - Last Chance to pledge

The Pilley broadband scheme is a community project being run to bring high speed broadband to the whole of Pilley and Battramsley. There has only been a very short window of time for us to collect the necessary funds and it will close on the 14th of September. After this date, we will be reliant on the Hampshire County Council superfast broadband scheme which will only cover part of Pilley by mid-2018.

The Pilley broadband scheme will bring better coverage and higher capacity in a shorter time frame than the Hampshire scheme. The Pilley broadband scheme would like to request your support in making this happen for the benefit of the whole community.

Full details of the scheme and how to pledge can be found at

NFDC - Electoral Registration

Important message from New Forest District Council regarding Electoral Registration

NFDC ElctoralRegistration