BPC Meeting Report September

On Tuesday 12th September, Boldre Parish Council met for its monthly meeting.

Councillor Poole attended the meeting to give an update to Fleur De Lys Home Park residents. The Council will endeavour to provide advice and support to the parties involved. 

An update has been given from Hampshire County Council towards moving the speed limit on local roads to 20mph. The item will be going to HCC cabinet in November. It will also be applied to in New Residential Ares where the road infrastructure has not been established.  It will be applied outside all schools, so this is very important for Boldre. The council will provide further update later in the year.

Stage Two of the play area development has begun. Firstly, with an open consultation on Saturday 30th September at the Boldre War Memorial Hall with families of children aged 13 to 19. The council will also be working towards fencing the new area. Any feedback towards the update of the older play area will be greatly appreciated.

BPC have received a generous donation from a parishioner towards the fencing of the play area and Councillor Poole has provided us with a grant from his community fund. Proceeds from the sale of Fresh produce at Warborne farm have also been donated this month.

We are very grateful for these donations and for any further donations to the ongoing project. If you have a fundraising project in mind, we would love to hear from you.

Lymington Town Football Club have resumed fixtures at the recreation ground and we welcome the teams back to Boldre.

The Council has a possibility to run a second Defibrillator training course. If you would like to attend this, please contact the Victoria, Parish Clerk directly.

There are Parish Councillor vacancies. Please contact the Clerk if you might be interested in becoming involved. 

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is 9th October at 18:30. This will be an in-person meeting with the option for members of the public to attend via Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to attend in person but will be required to follow COVID restrictions or recommended advice when doing so.