The Council held its Annual Assembly in April, and was pleased to welcome a number of Parishioners to the meeting. The Council reviewed the past year, highlighting achievements in the past year around the play area replacement and successful on-going relationship with Lymington Sprites. Continuing highways concerns of residents was also raised, with the presentation of a draft Highways Strategy. This will be a key item over the next o months as we look to address these issues and help community groups to address their areas of concern.

The Council agreed the activities that we are looking to incorporate as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on June 2nd. Expect to see updates on this throughout April and May April. The plans include a live band, hog roast, a performance by our local choir, along with a tug of war and other activities. We hope to see you there, please bring along your picnic although there will be some foods for purchase.

If you have visited the recreation ground recently you will have seen that two earth bunds have been created. These are intended to form part of the “wild play” section of the play area. Using earth extracted during the construction of the hall, these will help add interest to the other play equipment we plan to deploy. BPC would like to thank Boldre War Memorial Hall for their assistance in implementing these earthworks. We are actively applying for grants and sponsorship to meet the overall £70,000 project estimate. BPC is contributing £20,000 towards this, but the remaining £50,000 needs to be found. Any donations or ideas for sources of funding/grants would be welcomed.

The Council provided some initial feedback on the draft Highways strategy. This will be further discussed in May, along with a consultation plan to gather feedback from the community. Councillors highlighted the need to engage with Hampshire County Council to make progress on highways issues, whilst understanding the resourcing constraints they are under.

BPC was pleased to approve a grant to the Pilley Player’s. This will help towards the purchase of staging equipment, allowing them to hold performances in the Boldre War Memorial Hall.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is on May 9th at 18:30. This will be an in-person meeting with the option for members of the public to attend via Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to attend in person but will be required to follow COVID restrictions or recommended advice when doing so.