Make sure you save the 2nd of June in your diaries as the date for the Boldre Parish Platinum Jubilee celebration. The Council is working on an event at Boldre War Memorial Hall and the Recreation grounds with a range of community organisations. A meeting was held with a range of representatives on March 16th to start the event planning and many ideas were shared. Further details will be published soon, so watch this space.

Councillors heard from Parishioners suggesting that the Parish should create an emergency plan for unexpected events. This was proposed in response to the extended power outages experienced by much of the Parish due to recent storms. Councillors agreed that this was something that would be of benefit, and would need to cover a range of scenarios. Copies of example emergency plans were shared with the Clerk, and will be reviewed to see if they can be adapted for Boldre.

Councillors heard from a Governor of William Gilpin School about suggestions to reduce congestion outside the school during pick-up and drop off times. Suggestions included adding a flashing sign to alert drivers during school opening/closing, as well as enhanced road markings at the school entrance. Councillors agreed that additional signage would be supported if agreed by Hampshire Highways, and that the Council would support further investigation into other options. Councillors also asked about other solutions to ease traffic, such as providing a school bus service to reduce single car journeys.

Work has started on the creation of earth banking in the new play area on the recreation ground. These features reuse earth removed to build the new hall, and add texture to an otherwise flat area. BPC also published the finalised plans for the new play area. WE are actively seeking funding for this, and would welcome any donations or grants. Councillor Kempe will be doing a presentation on ‘Lorenzo & his Amazing Lusitano Horses’ on Tuesday, 19th April at Boldre Hall to raise money towards this.

The Council approved repairs to the pendulum swing to replace rotting cross beams identified during a playground inspection. The council also received quotes to repair the Norley Wood bus shelter roof which is leaking. Further quotes are to be obtained.

The Council was disappointed to see that a grass triangle in Norley Wood has been tarmacked over by Hampshire Highways. A request will be made to understand why this work was done and who approved it.

The Council made two grant awards, one to St Marys Church for upkeep of their graveyard, and the second Pilley Community Stores Ltd toward the furnishing of their new shop.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is April 11tth at 18:00. This will also include the Annual Assembly where Parishioners have the opportunity to give feedback on the work done by the Council over the last year. This will be an in-person meeting, with the option for members of the public to attend via Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to attend in person but will be required to follow COVID restrictions or recommended advice when doing so.