UKRAINE: Requested this week please UPDATED (13 May 22)


Special Appeal for: ORPHANAGES

Flour,  Oil,  Yeast,  macaroni,  buckwheat,  figs,  cereals,  cereal bars,  sugars,  canned foods,  baby needs - milk,  food pouches  and nappies    Children's personal hygiene products, new underwear

Tea,   coffee,   UHT milk   sugar.     
Disposable and plastic plates, bowls,  and cups

For SOLDIERS -   Rucksacks,  T Shirts  (protective colours) , socks,  shorts,  ready meals,  fast food,  personal hygiene

Also donations of:
Medication, first aid and bandages (OK if out of date), torches & batteries,  yoga mats,  Blankets,  linen, duvets, and towels. Pet food.
Small bedside lamps for makeshift dormitories, (they will rewired).
Wheeled bags abd cases

No other clothes or toys please.

Trucks leave Lymington every weekend for POLAND with DONATED ITEMS through Paulina, and Ukraine New Forest. The donations are being distributed directly to REFUGEES in Poland and to ORPHANAGES in Ukraine

Donations please, to be left by FRIDAY 20  May 22

Sigle items welcome or boxed with contents labelled:-

at Roxane’s (07594 711037) Spout House, Pilley Hill (in porch),
at the Vicarage, Pilley Hill SO41 5QF (or porch) SO41 5QF
at St John’s Church, Boldre, SO41 5PG
at Annetta’s 25 Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9GP (opposite New Forest Council offices)

THANK YOU for all the donations that left Lymington last week

Drivers are volunteers, so cash donations welcome towards petrol and ferry crossing and top up items bought in Poland.