Firstly, BPC would like to wish a Happy New year to Parishioners. 2022 is the year of the Queens Platinum jubilee and BPC are making plans to commemorate this event. If you have some ideas about activities you would like to see as part of these celebrations, please get in touch via our website.

Councillors were pleased to receive finalised plans for the new play area that will be developed following the completion of the new shop building. These will be published online following their review by our playground inspector. BPC is also in the process of commissioning 2 additional swings near the kick wall, and hope to have this completed by February. BPC will actively be seeking funding towards the new play area in the coming months!

BPC agreed to support a proposal by Clanfield Parish Council that will be put before the New Forest Association of Local Councils to allow for powers to create targeted speed limits of under 30 MPH. It was emphasised that any future change in speed limits would need to be both enforceable, effective at reducing speed and backed up by data showing the extent of any current speed issues.

BPC discussed proposals from Pilley Community Stores for additional signage along Pilley Street to direct customers to the new shop. The need for additional signage was agreed, but it was felt that 5 signs was excessive, with 3 being suggested. One at the Hall entrance, and one approximately 150m away in each direction along Pilley Street. BPC also suggested that temporary signage could be placed on the bus shelter outside of the hall to direct customers to the shop.

BPC heard that the bus shelter in Norely Wood will require further repair following initial correction to the roofing. This will be checked and quotes gathered for a complete repair.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is February 14tth. This will be an in-person meeting as it is no longer possible for Councillors or the Public to participate remotely due to Government legislation. Members of the public are welcome to attend but will be required to follow COVID restrictions or recommended advice when doing so. The date of this meeting and how it is held may be subject to change due to COVID.