BPC Councillors were hard at work on the recreation ground this month, removing the play equipment so that the building of the new hall can begin. Councillors Small, Kempe and Slattery spent two days removing equipment and digging up matting. BPC would like to thank them for their efforts. One set of red swings has been preserved, and they will be installed on a temporary basis near the kick wall and fitted with cradle seats for younger children.

BPC was very pleased to see parishioners bringing their scrap metal to top up our skip. The skip was almost full when collected, and we hope to generate some funds from this towards the new play area. Our thanks to Councillor Mortimer for his work in arranging the skip and to Councillor Small for monitoring the public sessions.

BPC heard the felt roof of the Norley Wood bus shelter was damaged and agreed to fix it.

BPC heard further feedback regarding dog fouling on the recreation ground. Parishioners are reminded that dogs are not permitted on the recreation ground. The recreation ground is in regular use by the public and Lymington Sprites football team. Dog mess is known to transmit disease and generally makes the recreation ground unhygienic for users. BPC agreed to purchase additional signage to warn users that dogs are not permitted on the recreation ground.

BPC would like to remind residents that now is the right time of year to cut hedges back, especially those adjacent to the highway. It is also a good time to check ditches are clear of debris to allow water to drain and avoid damage to the highways surface.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is December 13th. This will be an in-person meeting as it is no longer possible for Councillors or the Public to participate remotely due to Government legislation. Members of the public are welcome to attend but will be required to follow COVID restrictions or recommended advice when doing so.