Since our last meeting, BPC has been out and about at our local fetes, attending both the Pylewell Park and William Gilpin events. It was great to meet so many of our Parishioners and show plans for the new hall and shop, along with the new play area. Your thoughts and feedback on the play area proposals were extremely helpful.

Following the feedback from the fetes, along with our online consultation, Parish surveys and Councillor reviews of the various vendor offerings, Redlynch were selected to provide the new play equipment. The Council felt that Redlynch offered something different from other local play areas, whilst fitting in with the look and feel of a rural Parish. The Council also received positive feedback from other councils who have installed Redlynch Equipment. The Councils attention will now turn to fund raising for the project, as well as working with Redlynch to produce more detailed designs. These designs will need to be submitted to the NPA for final approval as part of the new hall construction.

Though Redlynch was selected as the primary vendor for the new play equipment, BPC will continue to work with HUCK to enhance the existing cradle and pendulum swing. It was felt to be beneficial to have multiple vendors involved to ensure some level of pricing competition and access to a wider variety of equipment.

The Council was pleased to have Trustees of BWMH attend our meeting to discuss the access requirements for siting and maintaining the new play equipment. The discussion was constructive, and both parties agreed actions to move this issue forward.

The Council held its first formal in person meeting since 2020. It was great to be able to discuss topics face to face and the sunny June evening was perfect for meeting outside. The Council will continue to adapt how its meetings are run based on Government COVID guidelines.

With the rain and warm weather, the verges and hedges in the Parish are flourishing. Parishioners will note that verges will only be cut once by Hampshire Highways to support local wildlife. This is a welcome move and more environmentally friendly in reducing cutting activity. However, BPC would like to remind riparian owners with hedges that run adjacent to a highway that they are responsible for ensuring that hedges are cut back from the highway all year round. BPC has received feedback from concerned Parishioners regarding overgrown hedges, and the Clerk will be following up on this.

BPC were pleased to approve a grant to the New Forest Citizens Advice Bureau who provide helpful services to our Parishioners.

BPC were pleased to confirm the co-option of Mrs Eileen Morton to the Parish Council.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is August 9th. This will be an in-person meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend but will be required to follow COVID restrictions when doing so. Due to updated Government guidance, it is not possible for Councillors or the Public to participate remotely.