The Council held its first formal in person meeting since 2020. It was great to be able to discuss topics face to face and the sunny June evening was perfect for meeting outside. The Council will continue to adapt how its meetings are run based on Government COVID guidelines.

With planning permission for the new hall to house the shop being granted, the Council is looking to ensure that there are play facilities available during the construction of the new hall building. To this end, the council agreed to enhance the existing cradle swing with additional junior and toddler swings. These enhanced units will be incorporated into the wider play area once the construction of the hall is completed. An information stand on the new hall and play area will be present at both the South Baddesley and William Gilpin Fetes. We hope to see you there!

Every year, BPC is required to perform an annual audit to ensure compliance with Government legislation. The Council was pleased to hear that the internal auditor approved the audit, and it will now be passed to the external auditor for review. The signed internal audit papers (AGAR) can be found on our website Further details on the audit can be requested from the Parish Clerk.

BPC has been approached by the Lymington Sprites for permission to use the Recreation Ground over the summer for a limited number of training and friendly games. This is due to the COVID restrictions causing the cricket season to over-run and limiting access to their normal facilities. BPC was pleased to approve this request and support teams which include many people from our Parish.

BPC heard that a number of footpaths require cutting due to the recent rain and warm weather. BPC agreed to contact Hampshire County Council to complete this work. The warm weather has also brought our verges out in bloom. We would request where possible that Parishioners refrain from cutting the wildflowers and grass on verges until later in the year to support our local wildlife.

The Council was pleased to welcome Hampshire County Councillor Barry Dunning to our meeting following his election in May. The council looks forward to working closely with him to highlight issues in the Parish and bring them to the attention of Hampshire CC.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is July 12th. This will be an in-person meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend but will be required to follow COVID restrictions when doing so. Due to updated Government guidance, it is not possible for Councillors or the Public to participate remotely.