Work is continuing to move the current play area to allow a new hall to be built to house Pilley Community Stores. Several designs have been received and are being assessed. An outline proposal has been passed to Boldre War Memorial Hall to allow the planning application to proceed but this is not the final design. A working group will narrow the current options and work with the NPA to finalise suitable design and materials. There is some concern over the safe provision of a playground during the construction of the new hall. This will be discussed with the NPA.

Concerns were raised that applicants who submit a planning application within the Parish are not aware that the Parish Council will debate the application and submit a recommendation to the planning authority. The council agreed to check with the local planning authorities that applicants are notified of this fact. If you are involved in a planning application within the Parish, please contact the Clerk to find out when your application will be discussed. If you wish to make a statement about your planning application, you can make an appointment to do so at the start of the meeting it is discussed at.

NFDC approached the Council about a potential site for affordable housing in Pilley. Though the Council understands the need for this, the site in question was not considered suitable due to its small size. Concern was also raised over the sale of affordable housing to the private market. It was considered important that affordable housing is supplied in such a way to prevent its subsequent sale.

The Council was pleased to co-opt Vincent Slattery into the final vacant position on the council and look forward to welcoming him to our next meeting.

The date for the next Parish Council meeting is March 8th. This will be an online meeting and details will be made available for the public to join.