Dear residents and friends of Boldre Parish,

Have your voice heard by completing a short, anonymous, online survey about the future use of Pilley play park and Pilley recreation ground…

You may be aware that the Pilley Community Shop is expected to relocate to the current playground area, next to the Boldre War Memorial Hall [BWMH], by spring 2022 – with the playground itself being re-located beforehand to make way for building work. However, as the play equipment there is approximately 20 years old, this is the perfect opportunity not just to re-site and rejuvenate the play equipment, but to re-imagine both the junior play environment and the Pilley recreation ground as a whole.

Lymington Town Football have contracted to use the pitches behind the BWMH, and Lymington Town Sprites youth teams have been playing there since September – with great success! Sprites see this partnership as long term and the revenue from their contract helps with the upkeep of the grounds.

There is, however, still a lot of non-football space and Boldre Parish Council [BPC] would like to develop an “end-state” plan for both the Pilley play and recreation grounds – one that sees the grounds enjoyed by more of the residents and friends of the Parish than is currently the case. BPC will share plans and progress with the community as things develop.

Whilst there is a deadline that needs to be worked to, BPC are keen to hear from as many of you as possible via a quick, online survey (link below) on your views about what would make a great leisure space at Pilley for you and your family. This is your space – take part and help shape how it is used!

Thank you,