At the recent Annual Assembly, concerns were raised by residents about the electoral division boundary review currently being performed by the Local Government Boundary Commission. The current recommendation of this group is to attach Boldre Parish to the constituency of the County Councillor for Lymington. The Parish Council has strongly objected to the proposal and this position has been supported by Ken Thornber our current Hampshire County Representative.

Further details of the current proposal can be found here:

On 14th December 2015 Boldre Parish Council passed unanimously the following proposition:

“That this Council:

1.       Objects to any reduction in the number of county divisions covering the New Forest and, 

2.       Strongly objects to Boldre Parish being joined with Lymington as a single county council division.”

The formal consultation process on this has now closed but if you would like to comment on this issue, please contact us using the "Contact Us" form on the website and we shall ensure that your views are passed on.