The recent high winds and heavy rain has once again highlighted the issues we face in Boldre with flooding, potholes and other highways issues. Boldre Parish Council works with Hampshire Highways and other landowners to try and resolve these issues by informing them of specific issues in the Parish and working with them to find resolution. A log of problems being worked on by the Parish Council is available here.

The process takes time to identify landowners and budget cuts within Hampshire Highways often mean that works cannot be given the necessary  priority. Parishioners can help with this in two ways:

  1. Ensuring that ditches and drains under their ownership are regularly cleared and maintained to allow the existing water system to work at its maximum capacity.
  2. By reporting problems with Highways that are not causing a risk to life or obstruction should be reported to Hampshire Highways:

We have found regular occurrences where a problem impacting multiple parishioners has only been reported once to Hampshire Highways and as such does not receive the appropriate priority.  If you see an problem, we advise you to:

  1. Take photos and other evidence to show the extent of the problem
  2. Report it to Hampshire Highways on the day you spot it. Problems that have a current impact are more highly prioritized
  3. Make sure your neighbors and others impacted by the problem report it. The more reports the higher the priority
  4. For persistent problems, contact the Parish Council