As part of the Electoral review of Hampshire, the draft recommendation has suggested that Boldre Parish be combined with Lymington to be represented by one County Councilor at the Hampshire County Council. 

Boldre Parish Council has strongly objected to this proposal as Boldre is a rural parish with the majority of residents looking towards the Forest. This contrasts with Lymington which is urban and where many residents look to the sea and yachting as their main interest. The much smaller size and rural identity of Boldre with needs so different from those of Lymington town will mean any County Councillor will inevitably favour serving Lymington where the majority of residents/voters reside, rather than the wide and sparse spread of residents inhabiting the rural Parish of Boldre.

If you would like further information on this proposal, visit the Boundary Commission Website and use the "have your say" button to provide feedback. All feedback must be provided by the 11th of January.