Hampshire County Council has prepared a draft walking strategy providing a clear statement on the County Council’s overall aspirations to help people access walking routes and promote walking as an everyday lifestyle choice.

The strategy aims to cover a wide range of topics, including increasing the popularity of walking, links to health and well-being, concerns around safety and security, and infrastructure. The County Council would like to hear the views of everyone who walks in and around Hampshire for all or part of their journeys, for commuting or leisure.

The strategy is intended to link with the County Council’s broader planning policies and infrastructure delivery plans, and those of our partners, in order to encourage people to walk more often.

The overall aim is to encourage more people in Hampshire to walk regularly, particularly for short trips, such as to work, education or to the shops, to improve their health and wellbeing and contribute to the quality of life which sustainable travel brings.

This strategy will reflect and strengthen the importance of existing walking and active travel strategies developed by local authorities in Hampshire.

For more details visit: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/transport-schemes-index/transport-schemes-other/walking-strategy.htm