We want to keep you up to date with what the Village Speedwatch group has been doing this past year. Our village is part of the New-Forest-wide Community Speedwatch project under the auspices of Hampshire Police. Members of our group help to operate the Speed Indicator Device (SID) which we share with Sway, Lymington and New Milton. The fact that there are Community Speedwatch projects in place across the whole of England highlights the growing concern with traffic speeds. You don't need us to tell you that traffic through Pilley and Boldre is increasing and likely to get worse with further development of the Ampress site.

At the village meeting in 2013, a Hampshire Road Safety Engineer proposed white lining to visually narrow the road through the village. Some centre marking has since been done, but we think it has no effect whatsoever on the speeding problem. Edge lining, which might have helped, has not been carried out. 

A more detailed breakdown of the speeds observed are shown in the graph below.Speedwatch

These statistics, collected every month, show that, when the SID is operating, most people drive considerately and within the speed limit. We thank them. But there is a steady figure of around 20 percent who drive too fast, endangering everything else on the road and making local people think twice about walking through the village.

The Community Speedwatch teams always welcome new volunteers. If you can spare an hour or so once a month, please leave your name and phone number in the village shop.