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New Forest at War

beaulieu airfieldFew people realise the important and varied role that the New Forest played in World War II. Its strategic location on the south coast meant that the New Forest was crucial in a range of operational activities, experimental work, training and logistical exercises and became home to a wide range of World War II installations.

The war also saw a huge influx of people from different nationalities, all branches of the armed forces and large numbers of machinery and personal. All of these mean and machines had a large and lasting impact on a rural landscape.

The years that have passed have watered down the memories and the knowledge of what actually happened here and though some of the sites and installations are still visible today, many have been hidden by soil and vegetation or lost during the passing years.

The New Forest Remembers Project is now acting to stop this continued loss of knowledge and links to our past, it aims to bring the full extent of war activity and its importance back into public conscience so it can be remembered and protected by future generations.

newtown runway_hanger

 A WWII Blister Hangar remains on the site of the Lymington Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) - map

The Newtown Park Estate maintain a private grass runway on the site of the wartime airfield which had been used by the American Army Air Force in the build up to D-Day.

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