Accessibility statement

Boldre Parish Council is committed to making this website as accessible as possible, to the broadest range of people, whether you have a disability or find it hard to use the internet for another reason.

Change text size and colours

screen reader

 You can change the text size or choose a high contrast display option on this website. Manage your display options using the link at the top of the page.

Assistive technology can help

If you have a visual impairment, you may find assistive technology helpful, including:

  • Screen enlargers or magnifiers work like a magnifying glass
  • Screen readers are software programs that present images and text as speech; a screen reader will speak everything on the screen, including buttons and menus
  • Speech recognition or voice recognition lets you interact with your computer using your voice instead of a mouse or keyboard
  • Speech synthesisers (text-to-speech or TTS systems) receive what you type in to the keyboard and speak it out loud, so you can check what you're typing as you type
  • Refreshable Braille displays provide tactile output of on-screen information; you read the Braille letters with your fingers then the next line is presented
  • Braille embossers transfer computer-generated text into embossed Braille output. Braille translation programs convert text scanned in or generated

To find out more about these technologies and further information, visit the RNIB website.

Links and downloading documents


When you click on a link, also known as a hyperlink, you're taken to a new web page or another section of the Boldre Parish Council website or another website. These links appear as underlined text.

Downloading documents

When the information on the website is given in a form or document that you have to download or open in a new window, we tell you this. 

We also tell you the size of the document, measured in kilobytes (kb) or megabytes (mb). The larger the size is, the longer it will take to appear and the more space it will take up in your computer's memory. 

In order for you to access pdf (or portable document format) documents, you need Adobe ir other PDF viewing software installed on your computer. Wherever we include a link to a pdf document on our pages, we also give a link to download the Adobe software you need. Download Adobe Reader for free

Adobe also enables users who have difficulty using pdf documents to convert them to appear as a normal website pages. Visit Adobe's accessibility pages to find out more.

We're working towards making the pdf documents on this website fully accessible. If it's not in the format you require, use the contact form to request a full accessible version.

International standards

We're working towards complying with W3C accessibility standards to meet AAA or priority three.

Browser compatibility

This website is compatible with all modern web browsers, but works best in the latest versions.

There's limited support for browsers over 5 years old (eg Internet Explorer 8 which is no longer supported by Microsoft).

We recommend that users update their browser software to ensure the optimum user experience.

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Moving around

You can use the search function at the top of each page or browse via our Parish Council pages.

You can also use the tab button to move around. This is useful if you have difficulty using a mouse.